'The Gift and The Tool' - CD
A Personal Guide for a Lifelong Journey

The goal of ' The Gift & The Tool' is to provide emotional support, education and practical help to anyone whose life is being touched by bariatric surgery.  Whether you are afflicted by severe obesity, are the loved one of someone who is - or have had surgery in the past and seek to renew your sense of purpose - we believe there is something in this program that will nourish your desire for health, wholeness and well being.

CD# 1 is an inspirational presentation containing eight Chapters that will guide you through your “Blueprint for Successful Living.”  

CD# 2 contains a combination of relaxation techniques and positive affirmations that will help you as you prepare for surgery - as you experience the surgery itself - and as you face life and its challenges after surgery.

Also included are five Quality of Life Questionnaires that will help you measure your own progress  -- from pre-surgery to recovery to maintenance. 

Being pro-active is vital to the healing process.  Therefore, we'd like to suggest that you interact with the program as much as possible.  First, by filling out the first Quality of Life Questionnaires before you begin.  And then - by listening to ' The Gift & The Tool' several times.  With each listening, you're sure to hear something meaningful that you didn't hear before. 

Enjoy ' The Gift & The Tool'… And let the hope and healing begin…Bon Appetite. 

Special thanks to: The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) for permission to use the Obesity Awareness Ribbon on the cover of 'The Gift and The Tool'

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